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Love the design. Looks great on my car.
Stripes look amazing. Clean look
Thank You
Great JOB on the Graphics! I already had a load of comments today from friends about them! Thanks SOOO MUCH For the custom ones for the wing. Between your tricks and my creative applications of them I have a ducktail wing like no other out there. Love the wavy graphics... very forgiving to put on and the leftover I used every bit of it here and there. Thanks So much for making my weekend I got tons on comments on my Facebook page about them!
Love the graphic. Took some time to put on with no bubbles but over all I love the look.
Nowhere near 4 stars.. This was a 5 STAR transaction!! Support was great and the graphic looks great on my car. Will continue to do business with them.
Great decal! Could have used an applicator though, but looks PIMP on my Ride!