Install Instructions


This is a sample on how to install rocker stripes on a vehicle.

First clean the surface that you are going to install the decals on.
Then tape the decal to the vehicle and measure and make any final adjustments.

Next use some tape and tape of the center. This is where your hinge will be.

Now cut the decal in to sections. This way you can install the decal in sections and not just one large peace.

Peal back the paper and then cut the backing off


Now use a water bottle filled with water and a small drop of soap and spray the area that you are now
going to install on.

Lay the decal on and use a squeegee to take out the water. You want to make sure that all of the water
is out

Now do the same thing to the other side by pealing off the backing and once again spray the area with
the soapy water and squeegee.

Now slowly peal off the masking tape. You want to make sure that the decals stick to the surface.
They may still have moisture under them like in photo below. Just push the masking tape back
on to make sure the decal is going to stay.

Any bubbles left behind may be able to be pushed out since there is water under them. Take your
time doing this to make sure you get as many as you can.

Finally wrap the extra vinyl around the edge of the door or use a razor to trim